district 33

District 33 will be meeting on the
3rd Thursday of each month at
 7:00 PM
St Paul’s Lutheran Church
117 East Arch Street, Fleetwood, PA 19522
Home of the Sunday night “Come As You Are” Group

All AA Members Welcome

District 33 Panel:
John Q. District Committee Member (DCM) Email: d33dcm@readingberksintergroup.org
Kim p. alternate district committee member (ADCM) Email: d22adcm@readingberksintergroup.org
Treasurer treasurer Email: d33treasurer@readingberksintergroup.org
Mike L. secretary email: d33secretary@readingberksintergroup.org
vacant workshop cooordinator/IG Liaison

Contributions: District 33, PO Box 452,Fleetwood, PA 19522
Make checks payable to “District¬† 33”
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